NDS election campaign launched in Canberra today


 NDS launched the Deliver the Promise campaign in Canberra this morning, urging government to fix ongoing problems with the NDIS before it is too late.

 The launch was attended by NDS President Chair Joan McKenna-Kerr, NDS Acting CEO David Moody, Canberra-based service providers, and other communities involved with the NDIS.

 The message of the morning to the next government of Australia was a strong call from disability service providers themselves, saying that many are at risk of failure if the NDIS does not get on track soon.

If our sector fails, the NDIS will fail. In that scenario, Australia risks going back to the old, fragmented, underfunded system that was letting down people with disability so badly.

 At Parliament House this morning, NDS put forward our five policy priorities (PDF | Word) for addressing the most pressing issues with the Scheme.

 NDS Acting CEO said, “Our members helped lead the campaign for the NDIS and we continue to support it 100 per cent as a vital reform for Australians with disability.”

 “However as a direct result of the way the NDIS is being administered, more than half of our members have foreshadowed they will reduce the quality of services unless NDIS pricing better reflects the cost of actually delivering services.”

 Mr Moody said to the Sydney Morning Herald, that next week’s budget, which is projected to deliver a surplus, offers the opportunity to address the systemic issues the scheme is facing.

 “We need to nip these issues in the bud before providers collapse and the people who rely on the Scheme are left without the support they need.” Mr Moody said.

 Ms Mckenna-Kerr reiterates to the abc,the stress service providers are under at this moment as many have been forced to cut their services, "We think after six years that the situation has become so significant that unless something is done and done urgently, the number of services for people with disability will be jeopardised."

 Learn more about the Deliver the Promise campaign – including how you can get involved! – on the Deliver the Promise website and the NDS website. You can also read our media release on the launch today.

 Contact information

Annette Glenister, Head of Government Relations and Communications, 03 8341 4394, annette.glenister@nds.org.au

Kylie Boughton