social & recreational activities


Michael participates in activities at DARE two days a week. This is his story!

I like doing a lot of good things - activities, going out places.
It’s fun. I like it
— Michael, activities participant

The fun stuff!

We partner with you

At DARE we support and encourage people to participate in the community, meet new friends, have fun, learn, explore, connect and follow their dreams.

Your NDIS plan lists the goals that you want to work towards achieving & we can work with you to plan, schedule and develop creative activities to meet those goals.

Your support worker is matched to you based on your aspirations, their skills and talent. We have a great team, and we can always find someone that shares your interests.

In addition DARE’s program of group-based activities provide a variety of opportunities to be inspired and entertained. We can also cater for one-on-one care and support.


facilities at our springwood activities centre include

  • Sensory Room

  • Health, well-being and relaxation activities

  • Computer room with aids and equipment for access to information and communication technologies

  • Music room offering individual or group therapeutic programs

  • Multimedia Room for shared group activities


Community Activities Include

Horse Riding

Meals out


Day trips - The Zoo, Manly, Ferry trips, Day trips to the city and the beach

Concerts & Theatre


Local attractions



Sporting Games


Aqua Golf

Running a coffee shop

Hospitality Programs


If you are interested in information regarding our Recreational & Leisure activities, please fill in the below form, and we will get back to you shortly.