Shared Supported Accommodation

There is no place like home

We have been providing high quality support for over six decades. Our properties offer a safe, welcoming place to live where you can feel at home.

All homes are located in the beautiful Blue Mountains of New South Wales west of Sydney. The Blue Mountains provides a perfect relaxing backdrop for our homes within the small friendly communities.

We support each individual to make their home a place where independence, choice, dignity and the highest standards of support are valued above all else.

Our friendly and professional staff provide personalised support so that each person can achieve what they want with their lives. 

We encourage inclusion to ensure opportunities are provided for each person to be fully active in their life both at home and in the community.

Regular house meetings are held to provide the opportunity to have a say in the running of their home and to make suggestions on how to improve the service we provide.

Personalised Support

Every client we support has a designated key worker who assesses, prepares and implements a Person Centred Support Plan. This plan highlights support requirements around the individual including their needs, wishes and aspirations.

The plan helps us to understand the client’s personal preferences in all areas of their life.

By developing a support plan with the person and their support network e.g family or people close to the person, we ensure that the person receives the right support to assist the person to be more independent in their home and in their community.

Our Aims

To work with each person to realise their full potential as a member of the community so that they can enjoy the same rights, opportunities and quality of life as other members of the community.

Vacancies within the accommodation service are filled through the Department of Family and Community Services/ADHC vacancy management process.

If you would like more information please contact Nepean Blue Mountains referrals on 02 4734 9499.

Please don't hesitate to call DARE Community Living Services on 02 4751 0914 if you have any questions about our services or if there is anything we can do to assist your enquiries with the Department.