Community Inclusion

DARE Community Activities support people between the ages of 18 to 64 who have moderate to high support needs. Programs are delivered from Scrivener Lane and are funded by NSW Department of Family and Community Services (ADHC).

The aim of the program is to provide opportunities for service users to participate in community life, to understand their rights and responsibilities in the community and to gain enjoyment through:

  • Access to community events
  • Opportunities to participate in community life

  • Support and development of family contacts and social networks

  • Opportunities for increased independence

  • Community integration and social inclusion

  • Individual choice

  • Access to service user grievance procedures

  • Community education

  • Advocacy

  • Our commitment to dignity, confidentiality and privacy

Individual program elements are either community based or centre based, depending on program activities and according to an individuals goals and needs. Generic community facilities are used wherever possible and appropriate.

Transition To Work (TTW)

The Transition To Work (TTW) program is designed to provide two years of training to service users in a work environment. Service users in the TTW program practice skills and learn about work ethics and WHS as well as undertake structured training in their preferred field of employment. The aim of TTW is to prepare candidates in training and work readiness. At present, service users are undertaking their TTW training in DARE's Grounds Maintenance crews and workshop areas.

Program Details

DARE Community Activities service the Blue Mountains, Nepean and Hawkesbury areas. Each service user pays a daily fee to cover unfunded program activity costs. Fees are kept to a minimum but are reviewed from time to time in line with cost increases. Our operating hours are Monday to Friday 9.30am to 3.30pm. Individual needs to be discussed with the Program Manager

For more information please contact us on 47512944