Liam had a difficult start in life, being in a wheelchair with intellectual disability and depression presented an almost insurmountable challenge and in some ways life didn’t start for Liam until he left school and came to DARE.

Liam liked the name DARE saying ‘DARE is what I do’.

Sometimes we dare to take our first step and this is exactly what Liam has done.

Liam’s first goal started with being able to take care of himself and be independent he was tired of relying on other people to help him and quickly learnt how to take care of himself.

Liam wanted to be able to walk, and with support from his team at DARE, he started exercising his legs, going to the gym and pool to build up his strength by standing stand up and down.

Liam got a walking frame and started walking and he continues to walk as often as he can.

With each success Liam has built greater confidence and has dared to go further, Liam joined Josh in the Duke of Edinburgh challenge awards and has also learnt how to ride a bike and was in tears of joy as he finally realised his childhood dreams.

Like Liam we can all DARE to dream of a world without limits. NDIS alone will not keep the Dream alive and we need your help.

Liam now works in hospitality and is now busy serving customers in a local café one day a week

Lizzie from the book covering room had the following to say:

DARE is a very good company to work for and I am very grateful to be here.  I am able to work in lots of different areas and I love working in the book covering area especially

I commenced work at Dare in November 2015. At the time I was reducing off medications, experiencing high levels of anxiety, and overall was basically unemployable.

During the first few days, my anxiety reached a breaking point, I decided to put myself out of my misery and call it quits. As I made a phone call the next day I wasn’t expecting to be talked around. But a kind, gentle and determined staff member, convinced me to come in the next day with the promise he would find me a more suitable job in a quieter section of the building. As promised, the following morning there was a seat waiting for me in the sub-contract area. However, before I even began working I was first asked to sit down one on one with a training manager to nut out the finer details that needed adjusting so as to make my situation more manageable. The end result was a tailor made plan whereby my hours were reduced and the work I was expected to carry out was designated with the aim of minimising pressure and allowing my brain the necessary time to settle down.

Over the next few weeks things gradually improved, I did have moments where I felt the grip of anxiety start to take over me and one day I voiced my fears to one of the supervisors who was overseeing my work. He confided in me that he too had battled similar emotions, encouraging me to seek him out should it all become too overwhelming. This allowed me to slowly open up, I felt accepted and the more I spoke with the carer the clearer it became that people weren’t judging me or expecting me to perform at an unattainable level. It is fair to say that some serious time was invested into me over the first few weeks, each completed task was met with encouragement and a genuine appreciation for the effort I made.

People started building me up, prodding me along at just the right pace, allowing me to slowly grow in self-assurance and develop some much-needed self-esteem. Then something amazing happened, I started smiling, laughing, interacting with the many wonderful people who show up for work each day. My medication drop was also successful and Dare played a significant role in helping me achieve this, offering me a safe and nurturing environment in which I could work and learn.

After a while, I felt totally revived, happy to show up each day and keen to try some new things. The opportunity arose where I was able to go downstairs and work in the firewood area, allowing me to get used to the warehouse section of the building and from there the training continued.

I now work predominantly in the saw room where my work experience and overall job satisfaction continue to grow. The assurance I have gained while working at DARE has flowed into other areas of my life, I am now much more comfortable in social situations with a preparedness to try new things. I also believe that I have gained the necessary confidence and training required in order to gain full-time employment. However, it is my wish to stay where I am for a while longer and hopefully give something small back to an organisation that has already given me so much more than I could have hoped.

I recommend DARE for anyone who has any form of disability, it is a caring professionally run organisation, that put the needs of their clients above everything else. A place that works with each individuals situation in order to provide the best possible learning experience, while also offering invaluable life building skills in an environment of acceptance and understanding.

Josh is an energetic guy who doesn’t let his disability hold him back from achieving success in his life.

With support from DARE, Josh and his friends at DARE were the first people with intellectual disability in NSW to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Challenge Awards.

With Support from DARE Josh has access to things that most of us take for granted like surfing the internet, shopping, volunteering in our community and developing independent life skills like learning to cook, clean and take care of himself.

Josh loves to be involved in his community DARE support Josh with access to group social and recreational activities and training towards his NDIS goals to live independently.

Josh DARE’s you to be different and be the best you can be.

Dennis left St Columba’s Catholic College Students in 2009 and entered the Transition to Work Program (TTW) with DARE. During that time he worked on the Ground and Maintenance Team.

Upon completion of TTW he became an employee of the DARE Ground Crew 21st March 2011.

In 2013 Dennis was offered an apprenticeship with TAFE NSW in Cert III in Horticulture.

He recently completed work experience with Springwood Garden Centre who has commented “Dennis is a hard working young man, who takes pride in the tasks he is given. Dennis uses his own initiative and doesn’t need constant supervision. Dennis will be an asset to anyone who employees him and we wish him well in the future.”

Well done Dennis!

Our son Jarrod Bayley began working at DARE Disability Support on 17 January 1994. Before this, he attended work experience there on a weekly basis, which he enjoyed greatly.

Jarrod looks forward to going to work each day and would rather attend work than having a day off.
After 22+ years he is still very happy to work there.

Throughout this time we have found all staff there to be extremely supportive and tolerant, with Jarrod having some very long-term friendships with quite a few people, both staff, and clients, particularly those who were there from when he started.

The emphasis by DARE has always been on ensuring all clients are happy in their work, with a great deal of effort put into improving each individual’s capabilities and skills.

If anyone is considering sending their son or daughter to DARE, we would have no hesitation in recommending them. We are very happy with the care and attention they have given Jarrod.

Margaret & Michael

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