DARE Recreation and Leisure

Our Recreation and Leisure Division supports people with disabilities to participate in the community, meet new friends, have fun, learn, explore, connect and follow their dreams.


DARE offers a program of organised group based activities that provide a variety of opportunities to have fun, relax, meet people, socialise, learn, be challenged, inspired and entertained. We aim to support our clients to expand their social networks thereby reducing social isolation and enhancing the quality of life. At the same time, carers can have a break from their support role.

We are proud to see the positive benefits for both participants and the people that support them resulting from opportunities for friendship, learning and community involvement. We see growth in self-confidence, self-esteem, health, and well-being for participants as a result of the unique services we provide.

Social group outings occur on a regular ongoing basis and we provide a bi-monthly calendar of interesting activities that aim to meet individual needs and interests of our clients.

Our Vision is to enable people with disabilities to participate broadly in their communities according to their individual goals and aspirations.

Our calendar includes activities such as meals out, bbq’s, day trips (the Zoo, Manly, ferry trips, trips to the city, the beach), concerts/theatre, picnics, local attractions, drumming, bowling, art/craft activities and games.

Participants can choose the activities that they are interested in. Our friendly, skilled staff and volunteers will then support people to participate in their chosen activities.